2018 – 2019 Open Positions for Graduate & Professional Students

Let your voice be heard by faculty members and administrators! Represent yourself, your school or department, and the rest of the graduate and professional students at the University of Pittsburgh! Meet students outside your discipline! Learn valuable project management and organizational skills! Have fun!



Public Relations Committee

The PR committee’s tasks vary from as simple as sharing events and announcements on social media with your friends and student groups to managing the GPSG website and working with outside-the-university groups and persons to represent GPSG and the University of Pittsburgh.

Event Planning Committee

The Event Planning Committee is responsible for hosting and organizing all of GPSG’s events, including Fall and Spring formals, movie nights, career-development workshops, baseball games, and much more.

  • Free ticket entry to events
  • Plus, a manageable time commitment: 1-2 hours a week; 5-6 hours for event weeks.

Other Committees

If interested, please email committees.gpsg@pitt.edu

  • University Council on Graduate Study
  • Provost’s Award for Excellence in Mentoring
  • Women’s Concerns
  • University Review Board
  • Chancellor’s Distinguished Teaching Award
  • Conflict of Interest Committee
  • Plant Utilization and Planning
  • Research
  • Community
  • Relations
  • Educational Policies
  • Benefits and Welfare
  • Library
  • Tenure and Academic Freedom
  • Humanities
  • Mental Health Task Force
  • Hillman Library Renovation Advisory Group
  • External Affairs
  • Bylaws Committee

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