A primary objective of the Graduate and Professional Student Government is to have graduate and professional student representation on University-wide committees. GPSG advocates on behalf of graduate and professional students on issues ranging from housing to academic freedom. If you have specific issues that you feel GPSG should be advocating for, please send an email to the Vice President of Committees. You can also provide feedback via our online form here.

GPSG is represented on the following committees:

Provost’s Advisory Committees

University Planning and Budget Committee

Yashar Aucie

University Research Council

Elizabeth Hernandez-Pease

Provost’s Advisory Committee on Women’s Concerns

Amanda Ritchie
Mona Abdelgaid

University Council on Graduate Study

Rachel Coombs
Elizabeth Hernandez-Pease
Oliver Beale
Suraj Subramanian
Shubhrika Sehgal
Ann Wang

Provost’s Award for Excellence in Mentoring Selection Committee

Eunjoo Oh

University Senate Standing Committees

Equality, Inclusion, and Anti-Discrimination Advocacy

Elizabeth Hernandez-Pease

Student Admissions, Aid and Affairs

Ke’Amber Moses


Sami Mian

Benefits and Welfare

Amanda Ritchie

Budget Policies

Yashar Aucie

Bylaws and Procedures

Morgan Pierce

Community Relations

Dominic Disanto

Computing and Information Technology

Sami Mian

Educational Policies

Eunjoo Oh

Governmental Relations

Michael Granovetter


Shubhrika Sehgal

Plant Utilization and Planning

Brett Stewart


Maura McCall

Tenure and Academic Freedom

Amanda Leifson

University Senate Council

Rachel Coombs – GPSG representative
Corbin Powlus – Schools of the Professionals representative
Jacob Kantorowitz – Schools of the Health Sciences representative

Plant Utilization and Planning Committee

Sami Mian

Board of Trustees Committees

Academic Affairs/Libraries

Aliyah Weinstein

Affirmative Action

Kathryn Bress

Health Sciences

Justin Saver

Institutional Advancement

Rena Jiang

University Special Committees

Chancellor’s Distinguished Teaching Award

Matthew Borrelli

Conflict of Interest Committee

Karthika Ramanathan

Sexual Assault Task Force

Amanda Ritchie

Mental Health Task Force

Dominic Disanto

University Review Board

Rachel Coombs
Renel Datulma
Steven Garbin
Guilise Victoria Gondre
Peter Wingrove

GPSG Committees

Event Planning CommitteeJazzkia Jones

Public Relations CommitteeDeanna Mudry

Bylaws CommitteeMorgan Pierce

Finance ChairYashar Aucie

External Affairs CommitteeMalena Hirsch

Elections Committee Amanda Leifson

Student Affairs Committee Amanda Leifson