The Vice President of Finance is primarily responsible for overseeing the financial activities of GPSG, including authorizing and recording all financial transactions of GPSG. In practice, the Vice President of Finance produces and disseminates the GPSG annual budget, oversees the GPSG Travel Award program, and chairs the Finance Committee, which oversees the awarding of Supplemental Funds requests by various graduate student groups.

Work on the budget takes place prior to, and at the beginning of the academic year starting in July. Supplemental Funds requests and the GPSG Travel Award program take place throughout the year. The bulk of the time spent with this position involves administering the Travel Award program through approving new requests for funding, and submitting travel reimbursement requests. There is also a significant amount of time which needs to be spent reconciling the budget to the university general ledger system. Knowledge of basic accounting (e.g. balancing a checkbook) is helpful, but not required.

Yashar Aucie