Travel Grants


The GPSG Travel Grant program was established to provide financial assistance and recognition to graduate and professional students who have participated in academic conferences.

Students are eligible for one GPSG Travel Grant per fiscal year (July 1 – June 30), based on the date of the conference. All applications must be submitted and approved by the Finance Committee. Funds for each cycle are distributed based on a demonstrated need for the travel grant and on the merit of the presentation.

Note: Students must have presented at the conference. Applications will not be accepted for students who only attended. Applicants must currently be enrolled as a graduate or professional student at the University of Pittsburgh.

Complete the GPSG Travel Grant Application after attending your conference. This form must be completed and submitted during the first ten days of the month following your conference. For example, if your conference was held April 20 – April 23, you can submit your GPSG Travel Grant application during May 1 – May 10.

However, if your conference was held during the first ten days of the month, you can submit your application during the first ten days of that month or the first ten days of the following month, but NOT both. For example, if your conference was held April 1 – April 2, you can submit your GPSG Travel Grant application either during April 1 – April 10 or May 1 – May 10.

Forms You’ll Need

GPSG Travel Grant Application

After you attend your conference, please completely fill out this form.


TB Expense Form

If you you are awarded a GPSG Travel Grant, fill out and submit the Travel and Business (T&B) Expense form within 30 days of notification of your award. Follow the directions below (see step two) for information on how to fill out this form.

A quick guide to completing this form can be found here: HOW TO – Travel Grant Reimbursement

Step 1: Submit Application to GPSG

Students are eligible for one GPSG travel grant per fiscal year (July 1 – June 30) based on the date of the conference. Funds for each cycle are distributed based on a demonstrated need for the travel grant.

Only travel to conferences for a student organization’s national conference or an academic conference are eligible for grants. No travel grants will be awarded if the trip is required for a course or for professional development.

An applicant attending an event in Allegheny County is eligible only to receive reimbursement for registration.

Remember to include proof of participation in the conference as noted on the application. These documents must demonstrate that the conference is academic or professional in nature and that you are presenting at the conference. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Please be advised that GPSG travel grants can only be used for lodging, transportation, and conference-specific expenses only.  There will be noreimbursement given for expenses such as food, beverages, souvenirs, Per Diem, etc.

Supplemental Documentation Needed for Application:

  • Proof of Participation
    You must submit proof that your work has been accepted at the conference and that you have registered.
  • Advisor Letter
    Please obtain a letter from your advisor stating:

    • their acknowledgement for this travel award application
    • that they have reviewed the application
    • the need for this travel award for you
  • Documentation of Expenses
    Present receipts for the following if you are claiming them:

    • Registration 
    • Lodging 
    • Travel:
      • Flying/Bus/Train — Your receipt.
      • Car — Documentation should include estimated mileage between source and destination (such as from MapQuest or Google Maps). If you are renting a car, submit your receipt.

Please email supplemental documentation to or send it to our office at 825 William Pitt Union.

Timeline for Submitting Travel Grants (for any given year)

Travel Grant Application Schedule

Conference Occurs DuringSubmit Application Between
JulyAugust 1-10
AugustSeptember 1-10
SeptemberOctober 1-10
OctoberNovember 1-10
NovemberDecember 1-10
DecemberJanuary 1-10
JanuaryFebruary 1-10
February March 1-10
MarchApril 1-10
AprilMay 1-10
MayJune 1-10
JuneJuly 1-10

Step 2: Submit a Travel & Business Form

  1. Do NOT turn this form in with your application. Turn this form in AFTER you are informed whether or not you have been awarded a GPSG Travel Grant
  2. Include original receipts, affixed to the front of one or more 8.5×11 sheets of paper with tape, no staples. T&B’s turned in with copies of receipts and/or stapled receipts cannot be accepted.
  3. Submit all reimbursement paperwork to the SORC office (833 WPU) within 30 days of notification of your award. SORC is only open Monday – Friday between 8:30am and 5:30pm. GPSG retains the authority to redistribute or withhold funding from any student not meeting this requirement.
  4. If you are receiving funding from more than one organization or department within the University of Pittsburgh, you should use only one T&B form and receipts. This T&B will be sent from department to department for approval. You must inform GPSG as soon as you know that multiple sources will be providing funding for your travel.
  5. GPSG strongly prefers to receive students’ T&B’s with multiple department accounts after all other contributing university organizations/departments have signed it.

The T&B form can be found here: TBExpenseForm

A complete How-To on completing the T&B Expense Form can be found here: HOWTO – Travel Grant Reimbursement

Attention A&S GSO recipients:  If you are also applying for A&S GSO or A&S PBC travel grants, you MUST include a copy of the GPSG Travel Grant approval e-mail with your T&B submission to A&S so that they are aware you are receiving additional funding from GPSG.  Failure to do so may result in your NOT being reimbursed for GPSG approved funding.

The reimbursement form must be delivered to the SORC office at 833 William Pitt Union.